About Us


About us

InternshipGuru helps undergraduates and graduates bridge the gap between university and employment, by providing specialised international internship programmes, which equip students with the perfect mix of work experience, personal development and cultural experiences.

Our team is a family run business comprised of business directors who have 20+ years of international work experience, graduates who have completed international internship and parents who have supported those graduates along the way. At InternshipGuru we have a full understanding of student’s worries and expectations.

It is well known that employers are looking for graduates with international experience. Our programmes immerse students into a country with different traditions and cultures. The skills students obtain through completing our internships make them well sort after graduates.

We understand how difficult it can be to acquire an internship overseas, without any contacts in the country you wish to work in. This is where InternshipGuru steps in. Our programmes help undergraduates and graduates create and broaden their global professional network.